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Exploring the Universe through Art.

Alex's comic characters teach kids to explore science

copyright Alex Fedotowsky 2019

About Alex Fedotowsky


BIO - Alex is self taught artist. During the 90's, while working as a manager/engineer, he worked as a professional cartoonist and partnered with syndicated comic strip writer Elliott Caplin (brother of Al Capp). Later he became interested in oil paintings experimenting mixing mediums to gain his own effects leading to painting celestial themed art. Alex spent hundreds of hours viewing the night sky with his collection of research grade telescopes. He shares his passion and imagination from that experience through his paintings that provoke inspirational and stimulating philosophical thought about splendors in the sky. Alex is also a professional musician having toured with upcoming artists in Nashville and Boston during the 2000's decade. Alex's paintings of the Universe inspire a sense of motion provoking thought and inquiry . Alex was raised in western Massachusetts where his paintings were displayed and several sold in upcoming galleries. " My website cannot convey the grandness of his paintings when they are hanging in your home , office ,or gallery". 


I specialize in painting abstract and visually pleasing images of the Universe and celestial phenomena. 


While developing my art, I created several lovable cartoon & comic characters for kids to include books & t-shirts. Go to the Cartoon-Brands page to learn more,

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